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Around the World

If it isn't plain to see yet, it soon will be: All Internet business is global. You can download Morning Flight to a PC in London or Rio just as easily as you can download it in New York. It's free, so even customs duty and taxes are out of the picture.

More to the point, it makes sense. Morning Flight will function as well in London or Rio as it does in New York! Switching from inches to millimeters, from U.S. to ISO sizes, from dollars to euros, it's all just a click away.

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1.5 MB
Morning Flight Quote Screen

Want to quote offset and digital printing while your customers are still on the phone? Download Morning Flight. This popular software is so quick and easy to use, you'll never again calculate printing prices the old-fashioned way. And it's affordable. There's even a free community version - free forever!

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Forever-Free Edition

The Free Edition includes all the features you need to make pencil and paper quotes in your Offset/Copy/Digital Print Shop a thing of the past. Download it today and move your pricing into the 21st Century! Not a trial or a demo but a bona fide free program . . . yours to keep!

$248 Silver Edition

The Silver Edition adds Merchandise Pricing, a fully automatic Estimate Writer, and password protection to the Express Edition.

$148 Express Edition

The Express Edition adds a Booklet Module and Memo Writer to the Passport Edition. Available now at the Printfire Store.

$85 Passport Edition

The Free Edition will be free forever from this web site. Want to add user-defined Presses, unlimited Prepress, Postpress, and Packaging, along with free e-mail Tech Support? Order the $85.00 downloadable Passport Edition at the Printfire Store.

Passport Edition

$495 Gold Edition

Morning Flight Gold, our flagship product, adds My Way pricing, Job Tickets, Job Tracking, Invoicing, and a QuickBooks Link to the Silver Edition. Click here for a Demo.

$395 Pixelblitz

Identical to the Gold, but lacking offset capabilities. To make up for it, Pixelblitz has something the Gold doesn't offer: A $100 price reduction. Click here for a Demo.

Morning Flight is all about speed and pushbutton automation. As you'll see in this demo, estimating the price of printing has never been this quick or cousin-Mel-could-even-do-it easy.
3.7 MB Flash Demo, best viewed at 1024 x 768.
Quoting Printing
Make your first quote. This simulation will teach you, step by step, how to quote a basic 2-color stationery package.
4.8 MB Flash Simulation, best viewed at 1024 x 768.
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What Morning Flight users are saying:

I have been downloading demos of estimating programs for the last month or so but every program up until now has either been too complex for my people to learn easily, or too simple. Morning Flight is the best I have seen to fit into my work flow so far. I love the interface of this program. I look forward to playing around with it a little each day to get it ready for my office staff. - Florida

I have to tell you I am using Morning Flight to estimate 99.5% of everything we are doing. It seems to be working out very well and I am extremely happy! The remaining .5% seems to be booklets, which I'm still doing by hand. I am spoiled by the automation of Morning Flight. This product is just what we were looking for (I'll be passing the word around). I think you have hit the nail on the head! - Ohio

Have really been looking at different software packages over the last several months, came across Morning Flight by accident and thus far, love it. Has good features, but most of all it is very easy for our staff to use. And just as a note, we really love the interface; don't know really how to put this, but most software is hard and angular, your interface has a nice 'soft' feel about it and seems to help in its intuitive nature of operation. - Alabama

I am very impressed with Morning Flight so far. Will the price really only be around the $300 US mark when it is out of beta stage, or will it end up like most other estimating software, way too overpriced? - Australia

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